Friday, February 25, 2011

Telling Stories About Farm to Table

The farmers and artisan crafters in the farm to table movement are walking narratives of the will to live with integrity, dignity and a commitment to something both intensely personal and at the same time much greater than themselves.

This message from Zachery Adam Cohen delivered in February 2010 continues to resonate and echo among citizen journalists and documentary makers.

In his view, the creativity, devotion and grit of local organic growers and artisan crafters can be the antidote to the break down our food system and economy is undergoing.
Well I think there is a light at the end of this national food nightmare that we are currently experiencing. I see a very bright future for America and, as those of us in the movement know, it all starts each and every day, with the food we eat. For me, this is the departure point for the stories we need to tell. We need to connect that daily, rather quotidian act of eating, into a series of sacred moments where the people, places and stories of the sustainable food movement are elevated into something almost religious.

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