Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Choose, Store, Prepare Spring Onions

Scallions, green onions, green shallots, spring onions, whatever you call them, these tender bulbs add a gentle kick to salads, stir fry, even the grill. LA Times touts helpful tips on how to choose, store and prepare spring onions.

A spring onion isn't a type of onion; rather, it's an onion that has been harvested at an immature stage, when it has just begun to form a round bulb and the top is still green. At this point it will seem sweeter than a mature onion because it hasn't yet developed its full chemical complex, including the elements that give onions their characteristic bite. Really, though, it's probably more accurate to call it milder, since it hasn't developed its full sugar yet either.

At farmers markets you will find spring onions in all sorts of varieties -- red, white and yellow. Because they are immature, the flavors are pretty much interchangeable.

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