Friday, May 13, 2011

Kristi Willis: Stocking the Pantry With Affordable Organics

private-label organic foods

Affordability is sometimes perceived as a barrier to eating fresh, natural, organic, sustainable food.

Without government subsidies and industrial-sized economies of scale, growing, producing and crafting food costs more. Even in a community as well-heeled as Austin, many of us live on a budget. But with a little price-shopping, cost doesn't have to stop us from enjoying the flavor and health benefits of farm-fresh.

Kristi Willis, Ditch the Box, makes a great price comparison between non-organic and organic foods.
What does all this mean?  Eating organic is more expensive, but you can save significantly by buying store brands - Whole Foods, 365 Every Day, Whole Pantry, Whole Kitchen, Central Market Organic and many other store owned brands that offer a more cost conscious organic product.  Check with your local grocery chain and find out if they offer an organic version of their store brands.  At 60 cents per product, it’s definitely worth the effort.

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