Thursday, May 19, 2011

Local Restaurant Recipes Galore

If you're into cookbooks and local dining, look no further. Along with its ever-popular annual restaurant poll and guide, Austin Chronicle offers food writers' looks at cookbooks from eight eateries that regularly hold a place in Austin diners' hearts.

Instead of a trend watch this year, we've opted to showcase cookbooks from eight local establishments. Three are restaurants that regularly appear in the Top 35 list (Uchi, Fonda San Miguel, Eastside Cafe); the other four have won multiple awards in various categories (Maria's Taco Xpress, Hudson's on the Bend, Sweetish Hill, Threadgill's); and the eighth is our nationally famous local spa, Lake Austin Spa Resort. Each book offers delicious insights into the history of our city's culinary culture as well as recipes to use and savor.

*drum roll*

  • Maria's Taco Xpress recipes by Maria Corbalan and Ruth Carter; reviewed by Virginia B. Wood

  • Uchi by Tyson Cole and Jessica Dupuy; reviewed by Claudia Alarcon

  • Sweetish Hill recipes by Patricia Bauer-Slate; reviewed by Virginia B. Wood

  • Eastside Cafe recipes by Ruth Carter, Elaine Martin, and Dorsey; reviewed by Kate Thornberry

  • Hudson's on the Bend recipes by by Jeff Blank, with Sara Courington; reviewed by Kate Thornberry

  • Fonda San Miguel recipes byby Tom Gilliland and Miguel Ravago, with Virginia B. Wood; reviewed by Claudia Alarcon

  • Threadgill's recipes by Eddie Wilson; reviewed by Mick Vann

  • Lake Austin Spa Resort recipes by Terry Conlan; reviewed by Barbara Chisholm

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