Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quinoa - Where Ya Been All My Life?

Oh quinoa, where have you been all my life?

As embarrassing as this may be for a foodie to admit, I have just discovered this delicious, nutritious super-food.

Why I didn't try it 15 years ago when I first flirted with whole foods beats me. For one, I was not very adventurous with food at the time. Hey, I'm Cajun. Rice. Rice. More rice. For another, information was not as easily available at the time, meaning I wasn't fused to Google. Plus I was eating mostly protein to clear up allergy symptoms of candidaisis. Turns out, quinoa is a protein according to Connie Dobbas - Green Grapes Nutrition - who is quinoa-crazy.
It’s a WHOLE GRAIN! …okay, a whole seed!

It contains more protein than any other grain or seed!

It’s a complete protein! Meaning quinoa contains all the essential amino acids, or building blocks, our bodies need to form new proteins and keep our lean, green, mean, disease-fighting machine system in top-notch!

It’s splashed with a good dose of gut, heart, and healthy- weight lovin’ fiber.

It’s laced with lysine! No—this is NOT somethin’ to worry about! Lysine is an amino acid essential for tissue growth and repair.

It’s gluten and wheat free—those with wheat/gluten allergies, rejoice!

So I'm really excited that something so easy to prepare can fill such a huge gap in the nutritional requirements of my vegetarian companion for protein as well as satisfy my carbohydrate craving without triggering food allergies. And on top of all this, it's delicious!

WHOA. That really is a super food. Now I'm on the hunt for quinoa recipes.

What's your favorite way to prepare quinoa?

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