Thursday, May 12, 2011

Recipes That Don't Work

What's your favorite great recipe idea that went bad?

Trying new foods, testing new recipes is part of the fun of buying, cooking and eating fresh, natural, organic, local produce. As a result, Swiss chard has become one of our favorite spring vegetables. It's delicious. And it's highly nutritious.

Our recipes, on the other hand, have not all panned out.

Thumbs up to Swiss Chard - Feta Quesadilla and Fettuccine, Chard, Walnuts and Brown Butter. Swiss Chard Gratin not so much.

I'm not giving up on it. After all, how can anything with chard, garlic, eggs, milk and sour cream taste bad? But somehow our grasp of proportion and process went awry. It came out of the oven somewhere between quiche and a failed souffle'.

What are some of your memorable recipe flubs?


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