Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should Food Blogs Stay Out of Politics?

It seems that the April Newsletter of Local Harvest - Protecting the Safety Net - stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy on the subject of the US government balancing the budget by cutting food subsidies.
In last month's newsletter I said that in this period of budget cutbacks we as a society need more public dialogue about how to make sure that everyone has enough good food to eat. My article struck a chord with many. With a number of others, it hit a nerve. There was plenty of emotion to go around Readers from across the political spectrum wrote in to voice their frustration or support, aimed variously at the federal government, the media, Wall Street, liberals, conservatives, the system at large, and the poor. In addition, a number of people wrote to express their disapproval of LocalHarvest being vocal about the federal budget process. These writers argued vehemently that I should stay out of politics.

I share Erin's concern about dismantling the social safety net. In addition, I endorse local programs that support food security for Texans. I get a seriously guilty conscience when I enjoy an abundance of fresh, natural, organic food while 17% of people in my community are struggling to feed their children on $16 worth of food assistance a month. How is that right? And frankly, I don't think ensuring food for hungry people is a partisan matter. It's common decency.

I give. I share. I do my part to help.

That said, is a food blog about fresh, natural, organic growers, producers and artisan crafters the best platform for this advocacy?

Sound off.

Should food blogs stay out of politics?

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