Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cedar Park Farms 2 Market - Great Meat Selection

Our Facebook friend Tracy Frech gives a shout out to Cedar Park Farm to Market Saturday.
Incredible Meat selection at CPF2M this Saturday (lakeline mall parking lot 9am-1pm) Country Side Farm (new) will bring us wild hog, rabbit, duck & guineas. Full Quiver brings us Beef & Pork. Pleasant Hill brings beef & summer sausage. Smith & Smith will have fresh chicken and lamb. Texas Yak with, duh, Yak, and Winters Family Beef brings beef and cabrito (goat) ...come and get it!

The more I know about meat that comes from factory farms, which is about all you'll find at Central Texas supermarkets, the more I want to know who is raising it, what it was fed and how it was slaughtered.

More to come on this topic.
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