Thursday, June 2, 2011

Johnson's Backyard Garden Bulk Tomato Sale

Homegrown tomatoes are my absolute favorite seasonal fruit. And nobody does this better than Johnson's Backyard Garden, now hosting its annual bulk tomato sale!

Farm-Fresh Tomatoes

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Spates


Fruit from over 15,000 tomato plants offer a wide assortment of heirlooms, large red slicer tomatoes (perfect for a BLT or hamburger), Italian heirloom sauce tomatoes (San Marzano), small Juliet miniature plum tomatoes and super sweet Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.

Prices are 10 lbs for $28; 20 lbs for $50.

You really can't have too many home-grown tomatoes, so when we fetch ours, we'll share ways to keep that farm-fresh taste far past this too-short season.
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