Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopping Farmer's Market: Plan or Browse

Shopping List

I have two schools of thought about shopping the farmer's markets.

One is to browse and let my stomach do the shopping. What looks good? What smells good? What's at its best right now? Once home, I can always come up with a recipe or two dozen with a Google search. Indeed, extending my repertoire and menu is one of the top forms of entertainment in my house these days.

OTOH, when time is tight or the temperature is already hitting 90* and it's only 10AM, having a plan and a shopping list is awfully helpful.

To that end, Cedar Park Farmers Market has just posted the layout for tomorrow's market at Lakeline Mall, 183 and 620.

What's your plan of attack for weekend farmer's markets?

Shop? Browse? Stay cool at home?
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