Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smoked Dried Tomatoes at Boggy Creek Farm


For me, this summer of eating fresh, natural, organic, local, sustainable goodness has been a flashback to childhood summers filled with the marvelous tastes of home-grown vegetables - tomatoes, corn, green beans, bell pepper, okra, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon.

Now, as the warm-weather vegetables reach their peak comes the many ways to preserve them.  Necessity meet invention.  Drying. Canning. Pickling. Freezing.

At Boggy Creek Farm, what began as an inventive way to save a bumper crop of tomatoes has become a tradition.
This means there will be plenty of farmer Larry Butler’s smoke-dried tomatoes, which he started making almost 20 years ago when he needed to find a way to quickly save a large crop of Roma tomatoes he’d grown on the part of the farm in Milam County. Because it’s so humid in Texas, Butler couldn’t sun dry all the tomatoes, so he build [sic]a smoke house and started smoking the tomatoes.

The tomatoes have become so popular that in years past, Butler has had to put a limit on how many people could buy, either at the Wednesday or Saturday farm stand at 3414 Lyons Road in East Austin or via mail order online. But after two off years, this year’s successful crop means even more smoke dried tomatoes than usual.

H/T: Addie Broyles - Smoke Dried Tomatoes at Boggy Creek Farm 
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