Friday, August 5, 2011

35x35: Austin's Influential Foodies - Kathryn Hutchinson

Kathryn Hutchinson's list of 35 influential foodies under 35 recognizes the accomplishment of people who are shaping the food community in Austin. They were selected on the basis of the following criteria.

  • Received media attention or awards.

  • Foreshadowed culinary, economic or demographic trends.

  • Changed how Austinites eat, cook, access or think about food.

  • Inspired other people in Austin to do similar work.

  • Helped to define the food culture of a particular Austin neighborhood.

I shy away from lists that equate age and accomplishment, especially when it comes to fresh, natural, organic, local, sustainable food. This probably reflects my own advanced age and the belief that decrepitude is good seasoning.

Given the criteria, I would be embarrassed to omit people like Carol Ann Sayle and Larry Butler of Boggy Creek Farm.  And I would question the eligibility of a venture that has gotten plenty of media attention but has not yet opened its public doors. But hey, it's not my list and chacun a son gout. 

Who of any age would you add to the list?

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