Friday, August 12, 2011

Be There: The 5th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance has announced an exciting line-up of speakers, topics and activities for the 5th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference to convene at The Pearl Stable in San Antonio, September 12 and 13. Early registration ends August 15.

It stands to be an informative and empowering event for activists, farmers and ranchers, consumers and nonprofit organizations who care about fresh, natural, organic, clean, fair, sustainable food.

John Ikerd, author of Sustainable Capitalism, A Return to Common Sense, Small Farms are Real Farms, Crisis and Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture, and A Revolution of the Middle will deliver the keynote address.

This is an important opportunity for anyone concerned about the quality, safety and affordability of our food supply. Which ought to be everyone.

I came of age in the 1960′s when food was becoming cheap, easy, plentiful, picked green, shrink-wrapped, cold-stored, trucked long distances and held way past its nutritional sell-by date. But agribusiness practices that make tomatoes possible in January do not make them healthy for our bodies, the environment, local farmers, farm workers, our local economy or future generations.

Indeed, the more I learn about the unintended negative consequences of our industrialized agriculture system, the more alarmed I have become. We no longer have say-so about the quality and safety of our food supply. And the government agencies charged with advocating for us are often playing ball for the other side.

This issue affects everyone. If you want your children to eat healthy and affordable food now and in the future, you'll get involved.

The 5th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference brings home to Central Texas the impact and opportunities surrounding hot topics including Genetically Modified Foods, Water Issues in Texas, Lessons from the 2012 Farm Bill, Food Justice, Raw Milk, Animal ID: Recent Activity from USDA, Corporatization of Our Food Supply, Food Safety and Local Foods

Download the Registration Form and mail it in with a check, or register online.  Registration includes lunch on both days, prepared by Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due!

For complete details of the two-day parlay, go to Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.
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