Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gardener's Feast: No vote. No tamales. Oh noes!

The Gardener's Feast, our favorite organic tamale company in the Universe is calling for support as a finalist in the Capital of Texas Awards sponsored by the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
We are asking for your support in this big opportunity for us to win: we need votes!!! We want to encourage our customers in the markets, friends and family to help us by voting from Monday August 22nd to Friday September 9th.

The Gardener's Feast specializes in artisanal tamales, gorditas, tortillas and salsas made with fresh, natural, organic, local ingredients. They do not use lard or trans-fat oils.  There are no preservatives or food additives.  And the Gardener's Feast foods are gluten free!

Information about the Awards and winning criteria here.

Go vote here!

No vote. No tamales. Oh nooooooooooo's.
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