Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the winner is….. The Gardener’s Feast!!!

The Gardener's Feast won the 2011 Capital of Texas Award for a small business on the category of Foodservice Food and Beverage Award given by the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

This is no doubt our most important recognition we have get so far and is pushing us to look up for higher goals. This opportunity not only encourage us to continue working hard but also inspire us for never stop dreaming no matter what, and invite you all to do the same. We (you know is four of us: Mariana, Andrea, Valentina and Me) want to thank you each one of you (if you are reading we know you care for us) for your support whatever it is. Be sure we are the happier we can be and I think at the end that is the final purpose. Receive a great hug from us and make this success be yours as well. Thank you.

Bravo, Adrian. Tamales for everyone!
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