Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Sucked for Fresh

I've been off my fresh, natural, organic, local quest, cook and post game for a while. saltycrunchybitterfresh says why.
Okay, well that sucked. Summer 2011 can pretty much bite me.

I took a little blog break in August to spare you all my whining about the heat, so let's just get this out of the way in one big chunk and then we need never speak of it again. According to my local weather station, this year in Austin we:

  • set a record for the highest number of days with temperatures in the triple digits (76 so far, but the forecast calls for more over the next few days)

  • set a record for the most consecutive days at triple digits (27)

  • set a record for the highest number of days at 105 degrees or above (23! TWENTY-FRICKIN-THREE)

  • tied the record for the hottest day EVER recorded in Austin (112 degrees -- pretty sure we did this at least twice this year)(so far!)

  • had an average temperature (factoring in both high and low temps) this summer of 89.5 degrees, making this officially the hottest summer on record

  • had an average high temperature of 104.8 OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME degrees last month, making August 2011 not only the hottest August ever recorded here, but the hottest MONTH ever recorded, period

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