Monday, September 26, 2011

Be There: Rally for Real Food in Austin

Rally for Real Food, Sunday, October 2

Thanks Kristi Willis, Austin Farm to Table, for the shout out about Rally for Real Food sponsored by a coalition of national and local groups including Sustainable Food Center, Greenling, Wheatsville Co-op, Bard Farms, Farm and Ranch Alliance and many others to raise awareness of the potential dangers of Genetically Modified Food:

At the recent Farm and Food Leadership Conference hosted by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Howard Vlieger, President of Verity Farms, showed photos of the negative effects that genetically modified crops had on the health and welfare of livestock - swollen and unhealthy organs that you would never willingly eat if you saw them before processing.

This Sunday, October 2nd, you can learn more about the effect of GMOs on our food supply and the movement to label GMO food and drink products so that consumers can make an informed decision about what they are purchasing. You can also try free samples from food companies using non-GMO products.

Sunday, October 2nd 2011

12pm - 3pm

South Steps - Texas State Capitol

Ask questions, ask for labeling and eat real food!

See you there!
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