Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Must-See Movies on Factory Farming

There's an old saw, "if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." Never has this been more true than when Big Industry underwrites campaigns to shape public perception of its questionable practices.

The use of bucolic scenery and iconic images to sell the message that everything on your factory-food filled plate is safe and healthy is hardly new.

Indeed, a host of advertising iconics were born in the mid 20th century in order to create warm fuzzies in potential consumers.

Milk came from "contented cows." White bread was Holsum. Tony the Tiger vouched for sugar-frosted cereal:  "They're greaaat." And frozen vegetables came from "the valley of the Jolly Green Giant - HO HO HO."

How could these foods not be both good and good for you?

But alongside a growing industry of cute, friendly, memorable advertising icons churned out by the Leo Burnett advertising agency, a brutish reality also burgeoned.

Farms that raised animals for slaughter became factories with deplorable conditions and inhumane practices. Conventionally-grown vegetables and fruit is loaded with pesticide. Chemical concoctions are being advertised as the latest and greatest new "healthy" foods."

Simply, agri-business has been selling false and misleading nutrition information  to the unsuspecting public with convincing TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ads and brilliantly designed marketing campaigns for a very long time. Often, if not always, with the tacit and implicit approval of the USDA.

Make. It. Stop!

Here are three must-see movies to begin your education. Food, Inc.The Future of Food and Farmageddon, a documentary about the unseen war on American Family Farms.

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