Thursday, September 29, 2011

Safe Food: I Wish I Knew


I am on the same page as Marion Nestle of Food Politics when it comes to food safety. Today she asks "since when have cantaloupes become WMD?" No joke.
Are you as puzzled about the latest cantaloupe outbreak as I am?  This time it’s Listeria again (see previous post on this particular pathogen).

According to the CDC, 72 people have been infected with the strains ofListeria associated with the outbreak in 18 states.  Most appalling,  13 people have died.

Her answer to the issue is to have a single agency:
How about a food safety system where everyone makes sure—and tests—that Listeria don’t get on cantaloupe in the first place.

Single food agency anyone?

I wish I knew the solution. Here's one: what about making the food agencies already in place work?
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