Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking for An Honest Man

If you're wondering what happened to fresh, natural, organic, local food on Austin Fresh, I've been on a quest.

I consider myself only slightly more knowledgeable than the average consumer when it comes to fresh, natural, organic, local, sustainable foods.  I'm Cajun. I've always been a foodie. But I have not always paid that much attention to the sources of my victuals. I trusted my butcher. I trusted my grocer. I trusted the USDA. I enjoyed a wide choice of vegetables year-round. I vaguely knew that there was a benefit to organic food and that the antibiotics and growth hormones in meat and poultry were detrimental to my health. As I got more information from movies like "Food, Inc." and numerous online sources, I began to look at all our food choices more closely.

I did not expect the sham that I found in producing, processing and marketing eggs, meat or vegetables. The depth and breadth of issues with the output from big agriculture has been shattering.

Like anyone who wakes up to one's collusion with corruption, I began to mistrust my own ability to discern quality and value. Food safety has become a paramount concern. Consequently, I've flooded myself (and you) with information about the larger paradigm - what it is as well as what it might take to change it.

From the global to the local, who are some of the most trustworthy local sources for fresh, natural, organic meat, eggs and poultry?

As soon as I get my voice back from laryngitis, I'll start posting a series of podcasts to answer this question.

Like Diogenes, I'm looking for an honest man (and woman.)

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