Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mark Bittman on Food Safety

Last year, Mark Bittman, food writer for the New York Times, broke my heart when he announced that he would no longer contribute to the newspaper as "The Minimalist." Bittman was my best source for good food, simply prepared.

I'm all better now that I see his strong stand for food safety and healthy food simply prepared. Last week in food is a great example
From the “With friends like these, who needs…etc.” department: Here’s a look inside the American Dietetic Association’s nutrition conference/expo, where you’ll hear all about how processed foods are an important source of nutrients. Argh. And: In an attempt to undermine the FDA’s current efforts to rationalize front-of-package labeling, industry groups have devised a new campaign: change “Nutrition Keys” to “Facts Up Front.” And: Julia Moskin on the newly-formed U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, a well-funded Big-Ag group that is – incredibly – trying to position itself as an underdog in the current food climate. (Apparently they don’t like the term “Big-Ag,” but when you have $11 million to spend on public relations, and your members include the American Egg Board, the National Milk Producers Federation, and the National Pork Board, that’s what you are.)
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