Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Plates: One Herbivore. One Omnivore. Spot the difference.


OMG at last world peace is at hand at the dinner table for couples in which one is omnivore and one is herbivore. One night in Manhattan, a food anarchist named Mike Lee got 40 people to perform a daring experiment in food camouflage. Robert Kurlwich reports for NPR.
This was Mike's notion. He knows couples where one person's a vegetarian, the other a meat eater. "It seemed like they could really never share a meal and have the same experience without one person — usually the omnivore — compromising to suit the mutually agreeable meal."

Yeah, well, that's what you get for dating a vegan, I say. But not Mike. He and his foodie friends run a much talked about "underground" dinner club called Studiofeast. Every month or so, they pop up in a new place and do something astonishing with food. Last summer, they created a seven course meal for 20 vegetarians and 20 ominivores. The plates looked the same, but the vegetarians got veggies and the flesh eaters got flesh. And, thanks to the chefs, you could barely tell. That's Mike's way of easing the pain of first (second and third) dates, or maybe he's just into World Peace.
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