Monday, November 14, 2011

Caramelizing Onions

Almost every recipe on Austin Fresh calls for onions that are starting to tan or caramelizing. This is the stage when the onion releases its juice and extended sautee' reduces it to a thick, sweet mass - perfect for flavoring soups and stews.


Thanks to Russ Parsons, LA Times food writer, for this excellent pictorial showing us how it's done.
On a cool, sunny autumn Sunday, after a long morning bike ride, the day's chores and an afternoon walk out of the way, what could be better than caramelized onions? At least that's what my wife thought. And so it began. I've written about these onions before, about their power to impart a deep, savory goodness to almost any dish. And I've written about how what initially seems like a mountain of onions gradually reduces to next to nothing. But this time, I thought I'd document it. Here's four pounds of onions peeled and lined up to be chopped.

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