Monday, November 7, 2011

Coffee Sense

Some people write poems about love. Some people fall in love with that first cup of coffee. The rich color of the bean. The whir of the burr grinder. The heady aroma. The first sip on the tongue. The body that flushes all your taste buds. To the coffee fan, there is nothing better. The Atlantic encourages coffee fans to use your senses to fully savor the earthy brew.

Enjoying coffee is more than just a matter of liquid meeting tongue. All five of your senses play a part, some in entirely surprising ways.

Giorgio Milos Giorgio Milos - Giorgio Milos, Master Barista for Trieste, Italy-based illycaffè, travels throughout the U.S., hosting illy Master Barista Series events at leading cafes and gourmet retailers, and training staff at top restaurants and hotels.
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