Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Perseverance at Boggy Creek Farm

I am deeply moved by the current newsletter from Boggy Creek Farm about the perseverance it takes to farm, especially in a year when extreme drought and heat flattened even those of us who live inside.

"How do they do it?" I've asked myself a thousand times.

Every single person in the sustainable food community invests heart and soul every day. Knowledge, skill, energy - everything is subject to forces beyond their control. They win. They lose. They freeze. They sweat. Their crops wither in the heat and drought. They get washed out. And still they stay. This is not just a job. No one would accept a job that beats you up like this, at least not for very long. And yet, here they are 15, 20, 25 years after they first put spade to soil, still committed to grow real food to feed people.

I am awed. I am inspired. I am humbled. Hats off to our Central Texas farmers!
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