Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weighing in on Paleo

Today, Austin 360 food writer, Addie Boyles, weighs in on eating Paleo - sans sugar, soy, dairy, legumes and grains. It's nothing short of going "cave-man," which can be a horrifying prospect. No sugar? No rice? No wine? Mon dieu! But the proof is in the savory; many people who are adopting this menu are experiencing marked mental and physical health improvements.
In today’s Statesman, you can find a much longer article about the tenets of Paleo, including the stories of Austinites Melissa Joulwan and Kim Semenov. Joulwan, a founding member of the Texas Rollergirls who has a popular Paleo blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, and new Paleo cookbook coming out in early December, and Semenov and her husband [together] run CaveMan Cuisine, a meal delivery service that she hopes to expand to Austin’s first Paleo restaurant.

Ask anyone who has gone gluten-free or given up grains, and they’ll tell you that grains — and, let’s be honest, a sedentary lifestyle — are really the anchor that’s sinking Americans into a pit of obesity that we can’t seem to climb out of. “But bread!” we collectively shriek. “How can you ask me to give up grains when wheat and rice have been the basis of our diet since the beginning of civilization?!”



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