Saturday, December 31, 2011

Becoming a Less-Meat-atarian

Susie Middleton, Fine Cooking, suggests 10 Ways to Eat Less Meat, which is pretty much how I became a less meat-atarian, to borrow a phrase from Mark Bittman, food editor of the New York Times.

When a vegetarian moved into my life, he put a lot of pressure on me to eliminate meat from my menu. He gave me a gazillion good reasons. That's when Mr. Irresistible Force met Ms. Immovable Object. So he quickly learned to let me find my own way to a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet.

I never swore off meat; I gradually shifted it off the center of the plate. Now when I do indulge in animal protein, it's got to be a pastured food-animal or nothing.

My dog, on the other hand, is 100 percent carnivore. Not negotiable.

What are your reasons for eating less meat?
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