Thursday, January 19, 2012

Briggo Fair Trade Coffee Kiosks - But Can It Do the Dishes?

Austin Chronicle reports on Briggo, a new entrepreneurial venture that is developing automated coffee kiosks which take individual orders by touchscreen, computer or phone applications. Think C-3PO as a barrista serving up hot, steaming, customized cups of java in places where coffee service is either absent or notoriously bad - on campus, in hospitals, convention centers to name but a few.
After three years in development, Briggo's first coffee kiosk was installed last Novem­ber inside UT's Flawn Academic Center (previously the Undergraduate Library). "About 10,000 students and employees a day pass through the building," says Nater. "It seemed like a good spot for us to get started." The company plans several Austin-area installations in 2012.

The system is housed in a giant enclosed box with two service hatches, a computer touch screen, and a credit-card swipe. (Customers can order coffee on the spot via the same user interface displayed on the website and the phone app.) Orders in the queue (placed both remotely and on-site) are displayed by user name on a large screen on the kiosk's facade; each shows the number of minutes till the order is ready.

Fresh technology and Fair Trade Coffee. Great concept. Can it do the dishes too?


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