Monday, January 30, 2012

Healthy French Cuisine for Less Than $10 a Day?

Some would say that the terms "healthy" and "French food" are an oxymoron. Like "jumbo shrimp." Same goes for "French food" and "cheap."  

Pas de tout, says Alain Braux, local macrobiotic chef and nutritional therapist who tackles the challenge of providing healthy menus and recipes for a family of four for $40 a day – thus the title's claim of $10 a day per person - in his more recent book. Money quote:
That said, the strategies for cleaning up one's diet and trimming food costs outlined by Braux in the first half of the book are perfectly reasonable: eat smaller portions of higher-quality fruits and vegetables, go to the grocery store or farmers' market with a clear plan and a precise shopping list, and, most importantly, eat in season. Eating seasonally, argues Braux, helps to slash food costs while amping up the nutritional value of what's on the plate. To that end, the menus and recipes in the book are organized by season, starting with spring and ending with winter.

Melanie Haupt, Austin Chronicle, reviews the book.
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