Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rooting for Root Vegetables

Every season has its showboats - spring leeks, summer tomatoes, fall apples, winter greens. In the Sunday NY Times Magazine, Mark Bittman sings the praises of the under-appreciated root vegetables that get their own star turn in season.
There was a time when the only root vegetables anyone paid attention to were carrots and potatoes.(I know potatoes are tubers.Whatever.) Turnips were déclassé, celeriac unheard of, beets a pain to clean.The perception has changed, in part because it was all wrong; in part because if you’re going to eat seasonal and local, you are going to eat roots in winter, even if you live in California; and in part because roasted root vegetables, which most of us have discovered only recently, are, like, the greatest thing ever, and even the company cafeteria can’t ruin them.

Root vegetables offer the added bonus of being low fat, high in fiber and phytonutrients and chock-full of flavor.

Bittman offers six great recipes.
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