Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silicone Serving Plates

Covo Silicone Serving Plates by Nao Tamura

Seasons silicone serving plates by Nao Tamura for Covo are a must have for people who serve food as a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite. They marry beauty to practicality.  Buy them online at Unica Home. 
we are fairly aware of the great and wonderful changes silicone has made to the chefs and the cooking process. heat and cold resistant, the stuff is only vulnerable to sharp objects.

enter nao tamura, who realized that a molded silicone item could be functional AND decorative. add a bit of finishing by hand and you have a beautiful naturalist form. stackable, dishwasher safe (although we suggest handwashing)- a thousand uses ranging from cookware to service to decor.
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