Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remembering Winter 2011 at Boggy Creek Farm

From Dirt to Dinner from Paul Sokal on Vimeo.

What a difference a year makes. Just a few weeks ago, before the end of February, Austinites were already wearing shorts and flip-flops. This was in sharp contrast to last year.

In February 2011, an Arctic blast roared through Central Texas, threatening the crops at Boggy Creek Farm and other organic farms in the area with below-freezing temperatures and high winds.

As temperatures dive-bombed to a frigid 18 degrees and the wind roared into Central Texas at 50 MPH, Carol Ann, Larry and all farm hands struggled to respond. They harvested whatever in-season vegetables were ready - cauliflower, fennel and greens. Then they fought gusty winds with numb fingers to cover starts still in the ground.

Arriving before 9AM, shoppers, dressed atypically for Austin, in down-filled jackets and woolen hats, shopped the freshly picked produce inside the salad shed. It was too cold to display the produce outside. Before noon, the hastily harvested vegetables made their way to Wink, a popular restaurant known for using fresh, local, organic, natural ingredients. Within 12 hours of leaving the frozen soil (and farmers,) the produce was cleaned, prepped, roasted and portioned onto the plates of diners unaware of the dramatic effort that had produced it.

Thanks to photographer Paul Sokal and our friends at Boggy Creek Farm for beautifully-crafted photo journal of this extreme weather event in February 2011.

Thanks for the memories. Now where are my flip-flops?
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