Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now That's a Bagel!

Sunday morning bagels, tomatoes, sliced onion and lox was one of the food rituals I enjoyed in Chicago. I just can't recreate it in Texas.

Photograph by David Liebovitz

Seriously, Texas. There's more to a good bagel than a shiny crust and a hole in the center. The crust needs to be crunchy, the inside dense, moist, chewy and preferably warm. And they're boiled before baking.

I equate pretty much every bagel I've tasted here to Duncan Hines box cake.


I haven't had a decent bagel since my last trip to New York.

Of course, native New Yorkers old enough to remember "real bagels" before 1950 might disagree about where to get the best bagels just like I'd argue with them about deep-dish pizza which is the sine qua non of Chicago comfort food.

So imagine my food lust when I spied this display of bagels photographed by food writer, David Liebovitz, on a recent visit to Tel Aviv.

Pass me the schmear!

I'm not much of a baker, but the memory of a Bronx-worthy bagel may drive me to make them for myself.
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